"I worked with many trainers before Derek and none of them took the kind of approach that Derek took to me and the training program he set up for me. Exercises were geared towards improving my speed, power, explosiveness, flexibility and my overall strength and conditioning. I feel like a spring board on the field now. My movements and core strength are operating on such a high level that I feel unstoppable again. Since my weight had ballooned to 198 pounds, I was concerned but Derek always reassured me that the weight was just a number and that my attention and focus should be on the journey/process and not on the number itself. I didn’t understand that at first but as we trained on a consistent basis, I realized quickly that he was absolutely right. I have now dropped to 170 pounds with a body fat of 12% over the course of the year!"

- Javed Hakim

 "Using his solid expertise, Derek has taken my fitness level and lifted it up a few notches. He's introduced me to my own muscles, many of which have gotten off pretty easy until now. The thing I like the best is that Derek never gives up on you! His positive encouragement is boundless as he employs a strength based approach for "just five more". On top of all that, Derek is a terrific person who takes excellent care of his clients, is a devoted family man, and a contributor to community development and social causes."

- Ronda Evans

"Training has made me STRONGER, FASTER and more EXPLOSIVE off the line to the point where I am able to now overwhelm players that are TWICE MY SIZE. I see my body changing in a good way. Derek pushes me past my perceived limits...I feel that because of the training I am developing a sense of confidence in myself and abilities."

- Otieno Odeny

"Derek is a fantastic motivator and has helped me gain a real sense of achievement. Derek is a “real” person who is genuinely interested in helping others. This is what makes him not only a FABULOUS trainer but also a FABULOUS person. Thank you Derek for being a part of my life!"

- Holly Stinson

"I’ve worked out in gyms for many years and have trained for duathlons and a marathon. I never considered working with a personal trainer until I participated in Derek’s soccer clinic in 2008. I was very impressed by Derek’s level of knowledge, experience, and professionalism. Since starting my training program, I’ve noticed a tremendous improvement in both my posture and core strength. A real concern for me was muscular imbalance resulting in repeated sport’s injuries over the years. After only 6 weeks, I no longer experienced leg and hip pain when I trained, and felt stronger. The sessions are specific to my needs. Derek provides effective feedback and corrective measures for bad habits. Although I like to train hard, Derek ensures that I reach my potential at each session. Training is fun and dynamic, but best of all, results are measurable."

- Kim MacLaughlin