Where does the strength to change your life come from?
Since most people get it wrong, let me tell you.

It comes from the ability to identify an important goal then translate it into a specific set of action steps that produce a specific result.

Unfortunately most people don't get the result they want because of many reasons. Sometimes life gets in the way, other times life throws you a curveball.

Either way, the people who succeed in life and achieve fulfillment are the ones who have a specific plan for taking massive action in a purposeful way. There are 4 things that successful people focus on to produce meaningful (and often epic) results:

  1. They know what they want. 
  2. They know why they want it. 
  3. They know how to make it happen. 
  4. They track their progress and make necessary corrections along the way.
Now, the only question is: Do you have the resolve to do this on your own?