Because NOBODY should love you more than YOU?

If you're waiting for someone to do the exercises for you, they won't. What's missing? Simple...You need the RESOLVE to do it for yourself. The RESOLVE STRENGTH BOOTCAMP takes a circuit-based approached, specifically designed to help you focus on:

  • improving your overall total body strength and conditioning;
  • safely teaching you how to CONFIDENTLY use strength machines and weights; and
  • toning and tightening your muscles using innovative equipment and techniques.

You can expect to workout in a small private and personalized group setting. This bootcamp is limited to a maximum of 6 people. You will be led by a Can-Fit Pro Certified Personal Trainer Specialist with certifications in bosu balance stability ball, stability ball, TRX training.

To request specific information (eg. price, location, times) regarding the Resolve Strength Bootcamp, email or click here to submit a information request form.  For a registration form for this program click here.